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Where To Bet NBA Player Assists


The assist is an art form. While some people go crazy for an exciting dunk or a huge three pointer, the play before that play is often what’s most exciting. As one of the NBA’s great passers, think LeBron James or Ricky Rubio, sets them up with a pass that doesn’t quite seem possible which allows for that play to happen. A great assist is magical.

It can also be a lot of fun to bet on assists totals. One need look no further than and Russell Westbrook’s assist chasing of the past few years. With a total set around 9.5 that was a fascinating bet every single night

What are NBA Player Assists bets?

This is pretty simple, an NBA Player Assists bet is an over/under set on the number of a assists that player will have in a game.

So, if the Warriors are playing the Rockets you might see Chris Paul with a total of 8.5 assists. You can bet over or under that total. 9 or more is over, 8 or less is under. Simple.

Variants To A NBA Player Assists Bet:

Common NBA Player Assists Questions:

What is the highest number of assists per game average in NBA history?

The highest average assists per game in a season record is held by John Stockton who averaged 14.54 per game in 1990. He would folow up that season with 14.20 assists per game in 1991 which is the second best of all time.

Since 2000, the highest number that we have seen is 11.70 assists per game which was done by Rajon Rondo in 2012. It seems as if this record might never be broke, but that has been said before about a lot of records that have been broken.

Where To Bet NBA Player Assists:

America: One of the best sites for betting NBA props is Bovada and they’ll have you covered when it comes to Player Assists as well.

Canada: The top site for NBA loving Canadians is Sports Interaction and you can find NBA Player Assists bets here during the season.

Everywhere Else: Be sure to check out Bet365 Sportsbook for NBA Player Assists.

How To Bet NBA Player Assists:

To find the odds to bet on NBA Player Assists, the best way is to go to the sportsbook of your choice and find the game you are looking for. From there click the “+” and you will find all the various props for that game including the player props.

NBA Player Assists Betting Strategy:

The most important factor to consider when betting an NBA Player’s Assist total is to consider who will be defending him. Not all defenders are created equally and there are point guards in this league that can hound you and get you out of your game. There are also guards in this league, especially younger players, that can really struggle and see your player blow away their assist total.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the player’s own team’s injury situation. If a key player is out of the lineup, the player may need to pick up a bigger scoring load and their assists will often pay for it.