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Where To Bet NCAA Football Online


While the NFL is the king when it comes to football, college football is a very close second and a game that many prefer.

The thing about college football is that you can get a wide variety of playing styles and offensive sets. Things that would never work in the pros due to the size and speed of defenses work in college. It makes for an often more exciting game.

College football is also a great sport to bet on. Games can be crazy high scoring and fast, while the overtime rules allow for some truly crazy finishes to games. This article is going to cover how to bet on college football and the best ways to go about doing so.

Where To Bet NCAA College Football:

America: One of the top places for betting football is Bovada and they have the college game fully covered.

Canada: Sports Interaction

Everywhere Else: College football isn’t quite as big as (soccer) football, but it does have quite the presence at 888.

What is College Football Betting?

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Just like the NFL, there are a lot of options when it comes to betting on the NCAA including:

Moneylines:: A number set on a game where you pick the winner. So Alabama might be -250 against Texas A&M (+250). That would mean you bet $250 to win $100 on Alabama or $100 to win $250 on Texas A&M.

Point Spreads: The bread and butter of football betting. You will get a line like Alabama -10.5 against Florida. If you bet Alabama they need to win by 11 or more to cover the spread and win the bet. A bet on Florida +10.5 would mean you are betting on Florida to win or lose by 10 or less.

Totals: Also known as over/unders. This is a number set on a game that you can bet whether the total amount of points will be over or under that. So, Alabama vs. Florida with a total of 48.5 would need 49 or more points to go under. Anything less is under.

Game Props: A wide variety of things here including total touchdown passes by a quarterback, alternate point spreads, to winning margin.

Common College Football Questions:

What is the difference between the overtime in college and the NFL?

In the NFL, it’s sudden death unless you get a field goal and then the other team gets a shot.

In college, both teams get a chance. The drives start at the 25-yard line and if you score a touchdown and the other team scores a touchdown, it continues. If you score a field goal and the other team scores a field goal, it continues. It keeps going until one team scores and one team does not.

It’s really the perfect system and starting at the 25-yard line adds a lot of action while the NFL overtime can be quite boring.

How To Bet NCAA College Football:

Football is a big part of a sportsbooks business so the college games are usually easy to find.

Bovada: Select football from the list of sports up top, find the college games

Sports Interaction: On the left sidebar select “Football” and then “College” for all the games and betting options.

888: Go to Sports A-Z up top and find “American Football” from there you should be able to easily find the college football games.

College Football Betting Strategy:

My tip for betting college football is to known your conferences. The MAC Conference for instance is known for it’s high scoring displays while the Big Ten with teams like Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin are known for their defense and run games. Know who is playing who, know their strengths and how their opponent plays into them.

Where To Bet Football Leagues: