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Where To Bet NFL Online


In this article I’m going to talk about where to bet the NFL.

Now obviously practically every sportsbook in existence will offer the ability to bet on the NFL. However that doesn’t mean you can or should just sign up at any old one.

What you want to do is find the BEST online sportsbook to bet the NFL on. Everyone is different but generally want you’re looking for is:

  • A sportsbook that offers a deposit bonus
  • A sportsbook that is trustworthy
  • A sportsbook that offers NFL lines early on
  • A sportsbook that offers up a wide variety of NFL bets

So basd on that criteria, I recommend the following:

Where To Bet NFL Online:

America: Probably the best overall sportsbook for betting on the NFL is 5Dimes Sportsbook. They have the best odds with various reduced juice specials and offer a wide variety of prop bets and special unique bets etc. In saying that their software sucks at times so you might prefer Bovada which is a lot easier to browse and navigate and have their own unique props and so on. Basically if you’re American, have an account at both those books.

United Kingdom: I personally feel that Bet365 Sportsbook do a fantastic job covering the NFL.

Everywhere Else: You want an account at a sportsbook that caters to Americans so in that case, 5Dimes Sportsbook is your best bet. As while all the other sportsbooks do offer odds on American football, the selection isn’t that great at times. In saying that, I personally bet a lot of my NFL action at Bet365 Sportsbook and I’d personally recommend having an account there too.

How to Bet NFL Online:

Here’s how to bet the NFL online at the above mentioned sportsbooks:

5Dimes Sportsbook: After logging in, on the left side it will say “Football”. Put checkboxes beside “NFL”, “NFL Props” and “Reduced”. Then you get to see all the NFL game odds plus props PLUS the reduced juice ones. Or if you want to bet futures, check mark that. Then click “Continue” at the bottom and it will display it all.

Bovada: When in the sports section click “Football” on the left and this will list all football action. You can use the navigation bar at the top to filter by NFL and then for each game to see what is available, click the “BETS >” link to the right of the game listing.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left side click “Football”. All the NFL bets available should be filtered by sub-categories such as “Lines”, “Main Props” etc. Note for futures you need to scroll to the bottom under the “Futures” category.

Where To Make Specific NFL Bets:

NFL Games: In this article I cover the most general form of NFL betting – betting on NFL Games.

NFL Money Line: Diving into discussing the most simple, yet not most common, form of NFL betting – the NFL money line. Where you bet on a team to win and I give you NFL Money Line betting strategies.

NFL Point Spreads: The most common form of betting on the NFL – betting on the point spread. In this article I give you advice on where to bet and how to bet the point spreads.

NFL Alternative Point Spreads: Think a team is heavily undervalued? Want to add an extra point? Alternative point spreads allow you to do just that. In this article I talk about strategy in regard to betting alternative point spreads in the NFL.

NFL Over/Unders (Game Totals): Always a fun bet – you don’t care who wins, you just care that both teams either put up a lot of points or don’t put up any at all. In this one I analyze NFL over/under betting.

NFL Game Props: One of the most popular forms of NFL betting is props on specific games. In this article I talk about what props there are and the best sportsbook to bet props at due to selection.

NFL Team Totals: Similar to the over/under except in this one you are predicting the over/under for a specific team, not the combined score of the teams.

NFL 2nd Half: A bet you can make during an NFL game is the 2nd half result. In this article I explain the bet, the betting options and what to look for going into the 2nd half.

NFL Quarters: NFL Quarters betting is a very popular but tricky bet to make. In this article I cover NFL quarters betting as a whole and I have individual articles below for each quarter.

NFL 1st Quarters: Want to bet on NFL first quarters? In this article I explain where to bet NFL first quarters and what to look for when betting them.

NFL 2nd Quarters: In this article I talk about NFL 2nd Quarters which you can bet before the game begins or during the game. I talk about the best places to live bet it and what strategies to utilize.

NFL 3rd Quarters: You can bet the third quarter of NFL games – both before the game even begins and during the game live. Always fun to back it at half time. In this article I offer up strategies to use when betting the third quarter of NFL Games.

NFL 4th Quarters: One of the most intriguing quarters to bet is the 4th quarter. Generally best to do live betting as you never know when it will be garbage time or not – I provide my strategies for betting the NFL 4th quarter in this article.

NFL Teasers:: An explanation of what NFL teasers are and how they work and the best place to bet NFL teasers online.

NFL Parlays: NFL Parlays are a fun combo bet you can do in the NFL. Not something really recommended for serious bettors but a nice casual bet to make. It is crucial you bet these at the right sportsbook to get the max value. I discuss that in this article.

NFL Season Format Bets:

NFL Draft: Make the NFL draft a lot more fun by betting on it. In this article I go in-depth about what you can bet on in relation to the NFL Draft and where to bet the NFL draft online.

NFL Preseason: Prior to the NFL regular season there are 4 weeks of NFL preseason and you can bet on it. It’s a lot different than regular season betting however and I break down the differences and what to look for.

NFL Futures: Looking to back NFL Futures prior to the season beginning or even during it? In this article I talk about the best places to bet NFL Futures – the sportsbooks with the widest variety of futures available and the best odds.

NFL Conference Championship Futures: At any point during the season you can bet on who the conference champions will be. In this article I talk about the best sportsbooks to bet that at and what strategies to use.

Super Bowl Betting: No game attracts more betting action than the Super Bowl. In this article I list the best books to bet the Super Bowl at. As you can imagine, the best books are the ones with the most prop bets.

What is NFL Betting? What NFL Bets/Props Are There?

Football Deposit Bonuses

At its core, NFL betting is betting on the outcome of a particular NFL game, or of an event within an NFL game.

You can bet various things in the NFL. From the basics such as who will win a game, to the more advanced such as how many sacks will there be in a game, or what will be the total rushing yards for a specific player.

There are a wide variety of bets available for the NFL with the most popular being the point spread and over/under.

Common NFL Betting Questions:

How does the point spread work in NFL?

It’s rare for 2 teams to be considered equal in the NFL. Sometimes there can be ridiculous mismatches on paper such as the New England Patriots versus well…anyone. So let’s use them as an example.

If the Patriots are playing the Titans and you wanted to bet the Patriots to win, $100 might only get you $13 profit. That’s a big risk and not one a lot of people want to make.

So instead you can utilize point spread bettign where a handicap is set. So the Titans may get 7.5 points – that will be listed as Titans +7.5 and Patriots -7.5.

You’re then choosing to bet on the outcome of the game with those points in there.

So if you bet Patriots -7.5, you’re betting that if you take 7.5pts away from the Patriots final score, they’d still win. So if the Patriots won the game 20-10, you’d take 7.5pts away from the 20. 20-7.5=12.5, so the final score would be Patriots 12.5-10 and thus the bet has won.

Where To Watch NFL Online:

I know it costs money, but the NFL Gamepass is a great option. Depending on the country you’re in there will be other options after clicking that link. For Canada for example it forwards me to DAZN.

NFL Betting Strategy:

Looking at unique prop bets is the best thing to do. These are ones where less manipulation and research is done by Vegas.

I personally like to bet on player props. With fantasy football being so big there are great resources out there and you can use that to your advantage to really clean up – with all of the analysis on individual players it makes it a lot easier to figure out those prop bets involving receptions, rushing yards, sacks etc.

I also like to study the smaller props such as “Shortest Touchdown Scored in the game” or “Team to Score Longest Field” goal. Small ones like that you can find a lot of value as the data put into setting those lines isn’t as much as the main bets.

Where To Bet Football Leagues: