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Where To Bet The NBA Alternative Point Spread


The point spreads in the NBA are some of the best in any sport. The sharps who set these lines are some of the best in the world and you can have a rough time going against them. However, there are times when they want to get money on both ends and the spread might be off. There are times when you just simply disagree with what they put out and you want to profit from it. Enter NBA Alternative Point Spreads.

An Alternative point spread is a great way to bet when you think the sportsbooks are just plain wrong and you want to profit off of it. These can be really fun and the odds are often more than worth your while to do so.

This article is going to cover everything you need to know about NBA Alternative point spread. From what they are to how to bet them to where to bet them. Let’s get right into it.

What are NBA Alternative Point Spreads?

An alternative point spread is one that is different from the main point spread and has a different point total as well as different money odds on it.

Let’s say the Pelicans are playing the Warriors. The spread is Warriors -5. You have to pay -110 to bet either side of this. This is how point spreads work.

The alternative point spread would be something like Warriors -10 (+350) vs. Pelicans +10 (-400). You can take or lay more points with an alternative point spread while paying (or getting paid) for it on either side. You may also find a line where the Pelicans are favored for positive money, like Pelicans +3 (+300) or something like that.

Variants To A NBA Alternative Point Spread:

Common NBA Alternative Point Spread Questions:

Are Alternative Point Spreads Worth Betting?

Just like any betting option, there are risks and rewards. This obviously doesn’t work for every game of the season as a lot of games end up close, but picking your spots this can be a very profitable bet.

The point spread can move when a lot of money comes in on one side or another in a traditional point spread, but this rarely effects the alternative lines. Keep an eye on this and you may find a good value.

Where To Bet NBA Alternative Point Spreads:

America: You can find alternative spreads at Bovada which offer them on all the major games throughout the season.

Canada: Sports Interaction is one of the best sites for alternative point spreads as they offer a ton of options on games.

Everywhere Else: You can find NBA Alternative Point Spreads at Bet365 Sportsbook.

How To Bet NBA Alternative Point Spreads:

The best way to find the alternative point spreads for each NBA game is to go to the game you are looking for. The NBA section of your sportsbook is a good place to start and click the area marker “+” with a number beside it. This will take you to all of that game’s props and the alternative spreads should be prominently displayed within.

NBA Alternative Spread Betting Strategy:

A big part of betting on the NBA is rest and when a team is tired, that can be a great time to deploy the alternative point spread for betting. Look for a team playing their third in four nights or second in three nights, or a travel back to back even. Teams have been known to struggle in these situations and if things get out of hand early, you could see a coach decide to rest some key players. This is a great blowout opportunity and a time to go for the alternative.