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Where To Bet MLB Rookie of the Year


The MLB Rookie of the Year is probably one of the hardest things to pick heading into an MLB season. You often have a few studs that you know are coming up each year, but seemingly each year a player comes out of nowhere and takes baseball by storm. Sometimes that guy is a one-year fluke while others he is a future star.

The list of Rookie of the Year winners is weird. For every Derek Jeter there is a Bob Hamelin and that’s what makes this so difficult to pick. It does make it a heck of a lot of fun to bet on though.

In this article we’re talking all about the MLB Rookie of the Year awards and where you can bet them online.

Where To Bet MLB Rookie of the Year:

America: Bovada is a great place to bet MLB Rookie of the Year as they usually put the odds up sometime in July.

Canada: Bodog also offers them around the same time.

Everywhere Else: You can find select MLB futures at 888.

What is the MLB Rookie of the Year?

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“Rookie of the Year” is a 1993 comedy starring Thomas Ian Nicholas as a 12-year old who plays for the Chicago Cubs. The MLB Rookie of the Year is awarded in each league, each season to the best rookie player.

A rookie is a player with less than 130 at bats, 50 innings pitched or 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club (excluding time on the disabled list) before September 1st of the previous season.

The award is voted on by writers of the BBWAA in each league.

Common MLB Rookie of the Year Questions:

When are MLB Rookie of the Year odds posted?

Typically, we don’t see MLB Rookie of the Year odds pop up online until midseason or later. During the first couple of months of the season, the eventual winner might not even be called up yet and it takes time in baseball for these things to sort themselves out. Especiallly in this category.

How To Bet MLB Rookie of the Year:

Bodog: From the MLB section, click through to MLB Futures and the Rookie of the Year odds will be available in that section.

Bovada: Same as above.

MLB Rookie of the Year Betting Strategy:

The Rookie of the Year is unique as it’s the best rookie among all hitters and pitchers. I think team record matters far less here than it does with MVP or Cy Young as well, this one is simply about the best rookie.

So, keep it simple. Look at WAR and look at games played. The guy with the best stats and the most games played is likely to win this thing. Unless there is someone with absolutely bonkers stats in less games, that is the safe bet. The favorite is the favorite for a reason when it comes to this one.

Variants To MLB Rookie of the Year Bets: