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Where To Bet The British Elite League Online


It’s known officially as the EIHL – or Elite Ice Hockey League – however due to confusion amongst other ice hockey “elite” leagues it’s commonly referred to as the British Elite League which is what I’ll refer to it as.

In this article I’m going to discuss the British Elite League and where to bet the British Elite League online.

The British Elite League currently consists of 12 teams and was founded back in 2003. The majority of the players are from outside the UK with most of them hailing from Canada and America.

Let’s get on with everything related to betting on the British Elite League online:

Where To Bet the British Elite League Online:

America: I believe the only place for Americans to bet on the British Elite League is at Bovada. I’ve never seen odds offered at any of the other sportsbooks that accept Americans. They offer the standard variety of hockey bets such as who will win and the spread and the game total. They also offer the option to bet in regulation or including overtime. They have various side props in regard to both teams to score, 1st period bets and Margin of Victory.

Everywhere Else: It’s quite hard to find sportsbooks that offer up British Elite League betting but I personally use Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer up the British Elite League games with game totals, money lines, winning margins, correct score bets and more.

How to Bet the British Elite League online

Bovada: Click “Hockey” on the left sidebar when in the sports section of the site. You now will want to filter this list. On the top is a bar that says “All Hockey” as that’s what it is currently displaying. Click that and choose “England”. And yes I’m well aware there are more than just English teams in the British Elite League but hey this is ‘Merica – that’s how they do things. Anyway click “England” and all the British Elite League games will be listed there to bet on.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Go to the “Hockey” section in the left sidebar and then look for the category header “British Elite League”. It’s not in alphabetical order unfortunately. Once you’ve found that you can click “Game Lines” to see the bets available for each game and expand each game within that section.

What British Elite League Bets/Props Are There?

There are your basic bets such as who will win, a puck line bet which is a handicap bet or a goal spread bet, and then the game total.

The two sportsbooks above currently offer various specials and it differs from one to the other but some that they offer include:

Team Scoring First Wins Game: Bet if the team that scores first in the game will go on to win it.

Both Teams To Score: Bet whether or not both teams will score – essentially you’re betting there’ll be a shutout.

Correct Score: Bet the exact score of the game.

Highest Scoring Period: Bet which of the three periods will be the highest scoring or if there will be a tie.

Those are just a few of the bets you can make when betting on the British Elite League.

Common British Elite League Questions:

Can you bet British Elite League player props online?

I’ve never seen any unfortunately so I don’t believe you can.

Where To Watch British Elite League Online:

Each team has their own webcast provider where you can watch the games. For more details see this link.

British Elite League Betting Strategy:

A lot of the odds set for the British Elite League are very basic – they don’t utilize complex formulas or take into account other factors beyond the stats.

Based on that if you do your research and go beyond the numbers and really learn about the British Elite League you should be able to make it a profitable sport to bet on.

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