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Where To Bet The U.S. Open (Golf)


The U.S. Open is one of golf’s majors and a highlight of every June. Unlike The Masters, the US Open is played at various locations throughout the United States. The event is always scheduled for the third Sunday in June which is also Father’s Day. This event always offers great drama and some of the highest level golf.

The US Open is truly open as there is a local qualifying played over 18 holes at more than 100 courses around the US. The leading players, money winners and winners of multiple PGA Tour events are exempt from this. Leading players who aren’t exempt will then play the winners of those 18 holes in a Sectional Qualifying state, played over 36 holes in one day at multiple golf courses.

This is always a big tournament with a big purse so all of the big names come out for it. It is one of the best events to bet on as well. In this article I am going to share how to bet on this tournament, where to bet on it as well as my own strategy for betting.

Where To Bet the U.S. Open:

America: Bovada has the best odds on the US Open. They offer outright winners, top 5, 3 ball and match-up betting on the major.

Canada: Bodog

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a place where I bet golf, especially the majors.

What is PGA U.S Open betting?

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There are many options for betting on one of golf’s biggest events. The multiple ways to bet on the tournament are:

Winner: Pretty obvious here. All of the golfer’s are listed with corresponding odds that match their world ranking, success in recent tournaments and course familiarity. This is the most profitable betting, but also the hardest to pick.

Top 5 Finish: Self explanatory, but you will cash with a top 5 finish for your selected golfer.

Top 10 Finish: Same as above, but for the top ten.

Match-ups: Odds set on one golfer versus another.

3 Balls: Offered on the first and second round. This takes the groupings and you bet on the winner of the group.

Sixshooter: Same as above, but with six golfers.

To Make The Cut: Simply, betting on if players make the cut. The top sixty players after the first two rounds make the cut. This is based on place so the actual number of golfers might be more than sixty if there is a tie.

Common U.S. Open Questions:

What is the lowest score on the US Open?

While the tournament has been around since 1895, the two lowest scores we’ve seen have both been rather recent.

The lowest aggregate score is Rory McIlroy’s winning round from 2011 at 268. He was -16 that year which is teid with Brooks Koepka in 2017 for lowest amount under par in US Open history.

How To Bet the PGA U.S. Open:

Just scroll to the golf section of your preferred sportsbook and you will find a complete list of odds for all of the upcoming events. U.S. Open odds usually end up going up two or three weeks before the event.

PGA U.S. Open Betting Strategy:

I first like to take a look at recent form of the golfers. Recent top 5 and top 10 finishes, as well as solid final rounds in their most recent event can be predictive of a golfer that is getting hot.

The most important thing I look at is course familiarity. For some golfers this may be their first time at a particular course and that is not a good recipe for winning. Look for some who has played tournaments at this course before and had success, that is also playing well at the moment and you could pick yourself a winner.

Finally, I like to play my picks as both the winner and E/W (aka top 5). There are 60+ golfers that are going to make the cut and picking a winner is pretty tough. A top five finish can still be profitable.

Variants To US Open Betting: