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Where To Bet The Fortnite World Cup


In this article I am covering the Fortnite World Cup, how to bet on it, where to bet on it and also strategy for betting on the Fortnite World Cup.

The Fortnite World Cup is organized by Epic Games and began in 2019 featuring both a solo and duo competition. There was 10 weeks of online qualifiers where participants could both qualify for the World Cup and also win cash prizes. You needed to earn a certain amount of points to qualify which was based on kills and your finishing position.

All matches take place on PC.

Where To Bet the Fortnite World Cup Online

America: The best place for Americans to bet on the Fortnite World Cup is at Bovada. They always offer the best options for Americans looking to bet on eSports and Fortnite is no different. You can bet on the winner and the region of the winner.

Everywhere Else: From an interface standpoint nowhere comes close to Bet365 Sportsbook and from an esports betting standpoint, they’re the best too in my opinion. For the Fortnite World Cup you can bet on both the singles and duos tournaments separately. You can bet the risky “who will win” each tournament as well as top 3 betting and then the region of the winner.

What Fornite World Cup Betting Is There?

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If you are looking to bet on the Fortnite World Cup, there are three main bets that you can make although some online sportsbooks may add in a few additional prop bets.

First they are separated by both the solo tournament and the duos tournament and you can bet on both of those.

The first bet is the most obvious one – who will win? You can bet on who will win the solo tournament or bet on who will win the duo tournament.

You can also bet at some sportsbooks on who will finish in the Top 3. With so much money on the line, the pressure can really get to people so this might be a more safe bet to make in my opinion.

Finally you can bet on the region of the winner. For example if you think a North American will win the tournament, you can bet on that.

Those are the primary bets available for the Fortnite World Cup.

Common Fortnite World Cup Betting Questions:

Where is Ninja for the Fortnite World Cup in 2019?

Ninja unfortunately did not qualify for the World Cup.

What is the best sportsbook to bet the Fortnite World Cup at?

Read the section below where I list the best online sportsbooks to bet the Fortnite World Cup at, depending on your country of residence.

How to Bet the Fortnite World Cup online:

Bovada: Under the sports section click on eSports. From here it lists all the bets available in a rather messy fashion however the top right there is a drop down menu. You can use that to click on “All eSports” and then choose Fortnite from there to filter it and only see the Fortnite bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: In the left menu look for eSports and click on that. Then all of them are listed alphabetically. They separate them so there is a separate listing for Fortnite World Cup Singles and for Fortnite World Cup Duos.

Fortnite World Cup Betting Strategy:

As much as it seems appealing to bet on who you think will win a tournament – it’s just too risky especially when it comes to the singles. With the World Cup being new, and Fortnite tournaments like this being a rarity, there is just too much pressure on people especially when it comes down to the final few.

I would suggest looking at the “Top 3” or “Region of Winner” bets instead. Look at who is performing well this season and make a shortlist of players. Especially look for players who are running hot going into this. Then determine from there what to bet. If you have a shortlist of 5 players for example and 4-5 of them are North American, then the region bet is a no brainer.

Variants To Fortnite World Cup Betting::

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